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About Morley

A Little Morley Machine Tool Alignment Company History
The company's roots go back to the 1980s in California when company founder Tony Morley was contracted to rebuild several large manufacturing machines. Among them were several large multi-spindle machines that Morley followed to the northwest where he formed Morley Machine Tool Alignment in 1994. The bold northwest plan included retrofitting the multi-spindle machines, setting up a new 5-axis machining facility, and implementing a program to comply with new aerospace certification standards. This led to Morley's successful preventive and predictive maintenance programs utilizing ballbar and laser technology. Morley has since acquired many loyal customers throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia. Morley has had steady growth and continues to invest in new technology and training; it has amassed the best selection of metrology laser equipment on the West Coast; and has solidified its position as a leader in machine tool alignment, calibration, repair, rebuild and retrofit services. The company is currently expanding its offerings to include other related metrology and precision measurement solutions and services.

The Morley Mission
It is our mission to provide precision measurement services and solutions using the most up to date technology, to bring an all-inclusive problem solving approach with unrivaled attention to detail and customer requirements; and to be part of the solution that gets the job done right with minimal interruption.

Morley Values
  • Attention to Detail: Our volumetric approach with a passionate attention to detail delivers reliable and actionable solutions that often elude others.

  • Quality Service: It doesn't happen by chance. We start by finding intelligent and experienced people that are sensitive to customer needs and committed to quality service. Then we train them on the Morley approach and the latest technology.

  • Customer Satisfaction: We pay close attention to the needs and schedules of our customers, we find solutions to their problems, and we get the job done right no matter what! We are committed to results that produce happy customers.

Our Investment in Technology
At Morley, we believe that our investment in technology and metrology systems is an investment in our customers' success. The more we contribute to your solutions the lesser are your problems. That is why we have the best selection of metrology laser equipment on the West Coast. It includes the following Metrology Equipment:

Leica® TDRA6000 Total Station
Faro® Laser Tracker
Faro® Arm Quantum-S
Faro® Track-Arm Kit
Renishaw® XL 80 Laser Interferometer
Renishaw® QC20 Wireless Ballbar
Renishaw® XR 20 Rotary Calibrator
Renishaw® 360° Lathe Adapter Kit
Hamar L-743 Ultra-Precision Triple Scan® Laser

The Morley Team

Tony Morley

Tony Morley - President / Chief Metrologist
Tony began his career in a four year apprenticeship building machine tools in Halifax, England, one of the largest centers for machine tool manufacturers in the country; also completing a four-year college engineering program. His first rebuild project was a radial drill. After saying he had never rebuilt a radial drill, his foreman replied, " will have when you finish this one," imparting the lasting wisdom and confidence to embrace all opportunities to learn new things. This manifests itself today in Tony's vision for the company; a company with the best selection of metrology laser equipment on the West Coast, and the expertise and confidence confront the most complex projects.

After spending several years in California working with larger machine tools, Tony moved to the Pacific Northwest with a selection of optical and granite measuring equipment. Finding a need for machine calibration services, it was a natural step to move to precision laser measuring equipment. So Tony and his wife Jan created Morley Machine Tool Alignment, Inc. in 1995.

Tony values the contributions of the intelligent people that he has added to his team, and is enjoying the opportunity to work on projects across U.S, Canada, and Asia ranging from medical research, to state-of-the-art robotic sawmills, to sub orbital rocket parts; and to hydroelectric dams. He views the company's investment in technology, equipment, and training as an investment in its customers' welfare. The more we contribute to the solutions the lesser the problems for the customer.

Tony has a picture in his office that reflects his life's journey. It shows him riding a toy train when he was 4 years old in England where he lived on Milton Street. Today the new company facility is located in Milton, Washington. Figuratively it is a full circle, but he has taken his company miles ahead in technology and in its ability to serve its customers.

Jan Morley

Jan Morley - Chief Financial Officer
Jan adds over 30-years of business, accounting, and financial management experience to the Morley team. Since its inception, Jan has focused on Morley's financial performance. This has led to a strong financial position that allowed Morley to purchase and renovate its new Milton facility, increase its investment in new technology, and continue the company's growth during one of the most severe economic downturns in U.S. History.