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Paper Mill and Roll Repair

Throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia, Morley Machine Tool Alignment provides precision measurement solutions for manufacturers using state-of-the-art laser technology. With incredible attention to detail and quality of service, we take a problem solving approach to each project in order to find viable solutions for our customer.

Metso Paper located in Federal Way, Washington, required roll repair services for their paper mill. This extremely large mill roll contained about 1 million holes which had to be re-drilled with a CNC machine. Before machining could begin, the holes needed to be aligned in a precision pattern around the surface of the roll's outer diameter. In order to confirm accurate positioning, our team was brought in to verify the hole pattern. Using our FARO Laser Tracker, we created a customized nest to fit the diameters of the holes so that measurements could be performed at different distances and angular rotations.

In a less than a day, we were able to accumulate the data required using laser tracking technology. It was then analyzed by engineers who made measurement adjustments where necessary prior to drilling operations. Not only did we confirm almost 1 million precise hole alignments, we also saved our customer a tremendous amount of time. As a result of our data, adjustments were made, allowing the drilling operation to proceed with enhanced accuracy and real cost savings.

Morley Machine Tool Alignment Inc. in Milton Washington specializes in this type of work. We are conveniently located between Seattle and Tacoma Washington. Contact Us For A Quote Today!

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